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Бешеные деньги

Трагикомедия в двух действиях

​Это вполне современная история с широким диапазоном красок, там есть юмор, почти клоунский, и глубокий драматизм – там затронуты и подняты такие вопросы, которые и в "нынешнее время" звучат современно и злободневно.

Вспоминая слова Маяковского: "Театр не есть зеркало, а "увеличивающее стекло". Театр всегда должен оставаться театром, а не подменять жизнь, которую он призван отражать."


Читайте рецензию на спекталь в журнале "Чайка".

Действующие лица и исполнители:

Васильков  -  Евгений Белый, Евгений Семёнов

Лидия   -  Ирина Ибрагиова

Чебоксарова   -  Елена Семёнова

Кучумов  -  Гарик Поляков

Телятьев   -  Николай Записочный

Андрей - Евгений Семёнов, Евгений Белый

Дамы - Светлана Васильченко, Юлия Воларди, Мария Гетахун, Ирина Холоднова

Постановочная группа:​​

Режиссер-постановщик  -  Ирина Рогозина

Художни-декоратор   -  Екатерина Бурова

Реламный ролик   -  Дмитрий Шахов

Аранжировка  -  Александр Никитин

Педагог по пластике   -  Наташа Мирная

Бешеные деньги

Бешеные деньги

Бешеные деньги
Бешеные деньги 2018 Промо-ролик

Бешеные деньги 2018 Промо-ролик

Комедия Островского "Бешеные деньги" в театре "Эксперимент"

Комедия Островского "Бешеные деньги" в театре "Эксперимент"

Alexander Ostrovsky  -  'Money to Burn'  -  Quite a Modern Story...   Since 1870-2018...

Alexander Ostrovsky - 'Money to Burn' - Quite a Modern Story... Since 1870-2018...





Act I
Lidia Cheboksarova, a very attractive and ambitious young woman, is used to living in luxury without a care in the world. She enjoys her suitors’ attention and compliments without rushing to marry. However, her father’s dire financial situation comes as a wake-up call. Fearful of losing her social image, Lidia decides to settle down with someone who can sustain her extravagant life style. First, she feels confident about one of her suitors named Telyatev, who, however, openly refuses to marry her. Disappointed and hurt, Lidia decides to choose a provincial man named Vasilkov, who, rumor has it, is insanely rich. They marry.
Act 2

Vasilkov’s happiness was short-lived. Lidia continues to spend money on dresses and decor. However, her mother starts to worry; she starts to suspect that her son-in-law might not be as wealthy as Glumov and Telyatev were telling her. Vasilkov promises to pay Lidia’s bills one last time if they move to a smaller place, significantly cut down their expenses and stop receiving visitors. Lidia asks to make an exception for Kuchumov, who’s become like a family member to her. Without giving it a second thought, Vasilkov agrees. Lidia, however, tries to get money out of Kuchumov by flirting with him. He promises her to pay off her debt in exchange for her love. Vasilkov cannot forgive Lidia for her betrayal and leaves. Still awaiting Kuchumov’s help, Lidia and her mother move back to their old apartment. Finally, Telyatev tells them that Kuchumov is bankrupt and has no funds. Lidia asks to see Vasilkov.
He is indifferent to her plight. He offers her the position of housekeeper, and when he's satisfied with her performance, he takes her to St. Petersburg as his wife. She reluctantly agrees.


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